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Thread: Grandpas Car Given The Meguiars Treatment

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    Grandpas Car Given The Meguiars Treatment

    Hi There,

    Had two days off a few weeks ago so thought I'd give my grandpas' car a good wash and detail.

    Don't have any before pics unfortunately as I only remembered to take some near the end but just imagine 3 years of going through car washes and being parked under trees. It was swirl city on the paintwork and there was loads of black tree sap bonded to it. :shock:

    Total time : 10 hours using the following.

    1.Car rinsed using pressure washer then washed using megs lambs wool mitt and Megs NXT Shampoo.
    2. Wheel arches cleaned, wheels removed and cleaned individually, polished and sealed using Poor Boys Wheel Sealant.
    3. Tyre rubber cleaned and dressed using Megs Tyre Shine
    4. Car clayed and tar / sap removed from lower panels using Meguiars Quick Detailer and Clay Kit then Tar Remover.
    5. Car washed again.
    6. Light scratch and swirl removal by rotary using Chemical Guys Pro Polish
    7. Car waxed and sealed using Meguiars Tech Wax ( 2 coats )
    8. Finished using Megs final inspection.

    Needless to say Gramps was really pleased and so was I. It was my first full detail and two months later the Tech Wax is still beading like mad.
    I do use other products but find the Megs stuff easiest to use ( and it smells great )



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    Thats a top job! The car is looking great! 8)

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