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Thread: newbie question

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    newbie question

    this is my first post so id like to say hello first

    My question is I have a few swirl marks on various panels on my car not major but i know they are there so they have to go. Previously I have used AG SRP to a half decent effect but not gone fully so I decided to use Megs. Ive Clayed the car recently so I know that doesnt need to be done for a while yet.

    Ive been out and managed to buy some Ultimate compund, stage one cleaner and some stage 3 carnuba,,,,,Im looking at getting some Paste as well.

    What id like to know is which order im best off doing this to get the best results.

    Would it be the following....bearing in mind im doing this all by hand.......

    1. Stage one paint cleaner
    2. Megs Ultimate compund
    3. Carunba polish
    4. AG Extra Gloss Polish to seal it all in.

    or should i go.

    1. Megs Ultimate compound
    2. stage one paint cleaner.
    3. Carunba polish
    4. AG Extra gloss polish to seal it all in.

    Sorry for asking such a noob question but i guess we all have to start somewhere.....

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    this sounds good to me

    1. Stage one paint cleaner
    2. Megs Ultimate compund
    3. Carunba polish
    4. AG Extra Gloss Polish to seal it all in.

    I would clay the car again before all this .

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    Cool ill try this again...i did try the boot lid this evening just using the UC and then Carnuba but it looks to have made it even worse :x :x .

    Theese swirls are going to drive me nuts...nuts i tell ya

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    You try using just the Ultimate Compound instead of the paint cleaner and Ultimate Compound. Ultimate Compound does contain some paint cleaners to help remove oxidation and restore paint clarity.

    Meguiar's Marketing Manager

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